Infectious contact through communication

Dis-easing knowledge.

Language instigates contact through communication. Language can be highly or subtely contagious.

A Contagion has been defined as "a communicable disease; a harmful or corrupting influence".

Are there circumstances where I can seriously consider language as an infectious disease?
Language can bring joy and misery, perhaps the most meaningless adage ever confabulated is - that sticks and stones may break my bones but words will can never hurt me. Words can savage the psyche and the suggestion that the individual can overcome the power of words when it suits them is a fantasy notion for most people.
Word can hurt.

Contagion can also bring both misery and joy. Infectious laughter can be quite contagious.

Contagious Sceptics

I believe the USA landed a man on the moon in 1969.

I believe most people think craters on the moon are caused by asteroids striking the surface.
There is more than simple belief required to explain craters on the moon. Explaining why sceptics claim the moon landing was all a conspiracy and never happened needs to be understood rather than mocked.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Logic

The two gentlemen illustrated above have the respect of most of the professional mathematical community, but what they had to say is not beyond question.

Kurt Godel and Georg Cantor had ways of manipulating logic...Godel thought it was a good idea to put a linguistic paradox-inducing conundrum (self reference) into mathematical logic and Cantor cherry-picked ideas of one-to-one correspondence to make some bizarre claims about numbers, (or "numbers" that aren't actually numbers).


The 15 minute video below goes all wrong after just 50 seconds or so by creating a non-existent problem and then explaining that some very eminent scientists have done the same thing.
It is an example of making assumptions that can become contagious.

    Despite it being refered to as Aristotles wheel paradox there is no paradox involved here, but an excellent example of partial knowledge contagiously infecting understanding over centuries. The fact that there is serious discussion on Quora and Wolfram Mathworld in the 21st Century beggars belief and justifies the "problem" having a page of its own.
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Language instigates contact through communication. Enlightenment may go beyond language and logic...

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